Poker sites

Be aware that a poker site may not allow players from your country. That is the first thing to check HERE. Should any of these sites not be suitable, we have other sites (with less rakeback) available.

IMPORTANT: You need to have cookies turned on, and you need to clear your cookies and restart your browser before clicking our links. Don’t clear our cookies until making an account and depositing with the poker site, otherwise you will never be eligible for staking at that specific site.

Make your poker site currency the same as your bank account currency (the currency you intend to deposit/withdraw in), BUT make sure that the site will withdraw in that currency (EUR, USD, GBP are normally no problem). Otherwise there will be an indirect exchange rate ‘fee’ of approximately 2.5% when depositing AND/OR withdrawing from the site. Different currency player transfers will also be liable to this ‘fee’. Bitcon is the best option if a site allows. Bare in mind that the payment method you used (bank, bitcoin, skrill etc) will usually be the only method can withdraw to. Sites have a table currency(USD/EUR usually) that the games are played in, but when buying in and out of the table the same exchange rate is used, so there is no loss there.
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