Professional Poker Staking

  • We offer staking to online NLHE cash game players at all table stakes (micro’s to high stakes).
  • We cover your losses for a 60%/40% profit split (you get the 60%!), and profits are split every month! For example: We stake you at $25NL. You win $250 for the month (including rakeback and bonuses). You receive 60%*$250 = $150 which you can withdraw and spend! The next month you lose $100 (including rakeback and bonuses): We cover that loss, and you go in to ‘makeup’. which means that the you must earn more than $100 in profits (including rakeback and bonuses) in order to receive a future profit split.
  • We take all of the variance risk. It’s a win-win, or more specifically a win-not lose. There is no reason not to start, or re-start your poker career with us because it won’t cost you anything!
  • A contract lasts 100k hands, at which point you can re-negotiate terms. This is less than half the length of any other staker you will find.
  • Moving up in stakes: Usually we require 100k hands at the stake(s) agreed, at which point further negotiations can be made. But on some occasions, after reviewing your hands, we may decide to move you up during the contract.
  • This is primarily a staking group. Coaching is not forced on you. When you are accepted, you can have confidence that you do not require coaching for the table stake we have offered. However, there will be 24/7 support from a high/mid stakes player should you want it. You will indirectly have access to analysis software such as piosolver, cardrunnersEV, Flopzilla and SNGWiz.


  • In order to qualify, you need to send us at least 20,000 hands as instructed here: Apply for staking Please also fill in the form.
  • Don’t be put off by your win rate. Unlike other stakers, we do not arbitrarily discriminate based on win rate. We understand the severe extent of poker variance, and we are not outcome biassed. You will be assessed purely on your play style.
  • Don’t be put off if you’ve only played hands from micro stakes, MTT’s, or because you play part time etc etc. Unlike other stakers we have no fixed stipulations for application. We will carefully consider every one.