Apply for staking

In order to consider you;

  • We need you to send us your last 3 months of hands played, or your last 30k hands if you haven’t played more than 30k in the last 3 months, to the email address:!

You will probably have to do this via given the large file size.
(In HoldEmManager2 open ‘overall’ report tab, click ‘date range’/’custom’ and filter for last 3 months or last 30k hands. Then make sure ‘All hands’ is highlighted as opposed to ‘last 250’.
Left click on the first hand at the top, hold shift, and scroll down to the bottom hand and left click it. Now all hands should be highlighted – and send to hard drive.)

  • Send us a screenshot of your HEM or PT reports/by stakes for all of your hand history to the email address:
  • Send us a screenshot of your HEM or PT hands/big blinds results graph showing showdown winnings and all in EV to the email address:
  • And fill in this form:

  • By submitting this application you agree to not disclose details of the contract, partnership or any business related matters with anyone unless given permission to do so by PPStaking.

We strive to get back to you within 24 hours.
If you are accepted, you will receive a contract by email with further instructions.