Rakeback incentives

We scoured all of the poker rooms that have good player volume, to find the best rakeback available. Poker sites offer ‘rakeback’ usually in the 10-35% range but sometimes less. This is given back in the form of a VIP system or less commonly in the flat rakeback method. But if you sign up after clicking on one of the below links, you can receive a prize every month which equates to of up to 50% rakeback. i.e. 50% of what you raked. That can accumulate in to a gigantic sum of money as explained here: rake bb/100.

Be aware that a poker site may not allow players from your country. That is the first thing to check here.

Try to match your deposit currency (bank account currency etc) with the table currency of the site. If that isn’t possible, make sure you register with the table currency as your currency preference. Then even if you have to deposit in another currency, you only get hit by deposit/withdrawal exchange rate fees, opposed to being hit by exchange rate fees every time you rebuy at a table. (There will tend to be an indirect exchange rate fee either when exchanging to and from the table currency, and/or when depositing, and/or when withdrawing.)

IMPORTANT: You need to have cookies turned on, and you need to clear your cookies and restart your browser before clicking our links. Don’t clear our cookies until making an account and depositing with the poker site, otherwise you will never be eligible for staking or our points and prizes(ppsp’s) at that specific site. Once you’ve registered and deposited, send us your poker site username via this form in order to enable us to send you cashback each month.

Poker site Rakeback
from site *
Site deposit
Link Other
Bwin poker
VIP program 40% 10%
Every $1
you rake
earns you
1 ppsp’s
100% up to €100 EUR excluding players from Romania, Hungary & Poland. 50% Table currency Visa/Mastercard(free).
2.5%approx deposit AND withdrawal exchange rate fee
Casual tables
significantly reduce
recreational players
on standard tables,
though 1-tabling is
Pokerstars VIP program
box scheme.
Around 27%
from our
Every $1
you rake
earns you
1 ppsp’s
€20 when depositing €10 or more 37% VERY close to the market bid rate for exchange within the table currencies, which is far far superior to other poker sites. USD,
The player volume at Pokerstars is around 7-10x higher than other sites.

poker network)
6-28% VIP program or 27% flat 15% for the
elite program
or 0% for
flat rakeback.
Every $1
you rake
earns you
1.5 OR 0
100% up to $1000 21-43% or 27% Bitcoin (free) converts to USD at market rate less the relatively small bitcoin transfer fee. Table currency (free). USD

*All calculations are up to date as of Aug 2017.
We will contact all players signing up through our links, if our cashback figures ever change.